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How a blind, 49-year old, ex-Waitress
from Kansas City, MO wants to give you access
to nearly 7-figures in private money loans...

"You get $6,847.00 worth of real estate and wealth training--FREE--so you can use my money for your projects..."

On, August 1st, I was able to lend $119,376 in cash
to a real estate investor to buy $265,000 worth of Ohio Real Estate

He made a small fortune using my cash and you can too,
as long as you know what you're doing.

That's why I asked the world's best trainers to teach you-FREE.

Dear Excited Wealth-Builder: 

You know they say we're in a recession.

However, you can join me in an exclusive club.

This club is for people like you who know the truth...

You don't have to participate in the recession.

Why would you want to join the masses in hopeless financial frustration? Especially when there's another way.

In fact, when you look at history, you find the biggest transfers of wealth occur when most people are talking about how bad it is. You could call this a "wealth giveaway" because it's like the wealth is just there for the taking.

And that's why you've been invited here.

You see, until August 22nd you get $6,847.00 in wealth training from the top real estate investing, business building, and wealth accumulating trainers in the world for FREE.

Plus, by taking the time to access this material, you will be able to use my money to grow your wealth.

I'mKathy Strahan.

And, you may have read above how I'm blind.

As a blind person without sight since age two, I've learned to overcome many obstacles.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn I enjoy skiing, riding my bike, rock/mountain climbing and even starting this new Internet based club designed to help you get wealthy.

Perhaps more important to you, I'm now a full time entrepreneur. I'm a private lender.

Additionally, I'm an investor in stocks, own real estate in several states, and have business partnerships galore.

And I'm about to focus on only one area--specifically, I'm expanding my business by becoming a private investor partner with you.

And putting all my attention and focus here is going to help you big time.

For example, in the past 30 days, I've added another 6-figures of cash that I am able to lend to you. That's in addition to the half-million plus we have in our investment accounts just waiting for a skilled investor like you to use.

Even more, we're acquiring an additional $500,000 to $1.5-million in funds we can lend to you, right now.

Consequently, we need a whole bunch of qualified investors, like you, to lend all this money to

Being perfectly clear...

You can use our money to profit because
we understand you and what you're going through...

You know how hard it can be to get the money you need today to grow your business, fund your real estate deals, or take action the moment opportunity knocks.

And, you may know from experience it actually gets harder and harder to fund your deals traditionally the more investments, properties, businesses, and loans you have.

That's why entrepreneurs eventually turn to private money.

That's where we come in.

You may or may not be a spiritual person.

However, if you are, there's a good chance you've prayed for this.

You see, when you join the Wealth Giveaway club, you'll get an amazing library of wealth training FREE, and you get access to the funder (me) who can help you make the deals happen.

Basically, this club gives you the specialized knowledge and the investment capital you need to succeed.

Keep in mind, while you probably read that I will not be participating in the recession and it's negativity. Others are. Especially those you may be counting on to help when you need it.

You know, the banks and lenders are watching the fear filled news cover the failure of Indymac, Fanny Mae, Freedie Mac, Bear Stearns and others.

What this means is the usual sources of investment capital are drying up.

Basically, things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better for the entrepreneur who relies on the banks to fund their opportunities..

And frankly, I don't want that to happen to you.

So that's why I put together Wealth Giveaway.

Because you've read this far, you may want all the details before joining, however, if you simply want to join right now, click here to create your FREE membership.

Before telling you all about the Wealth Giveaway Free Membership
which qualifies you to access my money for your deals...

...would it be okay if I told you a few other ways you can solve the problem of funding your deals?

If you're interested, read on...

Obviously, with the blighting prices of food, the bloating cost of fuel, and the expanding sense that everything else is going up, even if you were getting by just a little while ago, the time is now to double down your entrepreneurial efforts and up your income dramatically.

So, here are some other options besides your Wealth Giveaway membership.

You can find the money to fund your entrepreneurial and investment options by:

  • Writing yourself a cash advance from your credit cards
  • Getting a home equity loan or line-of-credit
  • Margining your investment accounts
  • Applying and securing government grants
  • Purchasing with creative financing options
  • Hitting up friends and family

Let's look at each option.

In order to use those credit card convenience checks, you either need great credit to qualify or be lucky enough to have an unused card with a huge limit.

So even when you have an opportunity that immediately cash flows enough to pay the credit cards minimums and will give you a huge return that makes the cash advance interest rates and fees seem small, this option is out of reach in most cases.

As an entrepreneur who understands the power of leverage, your home equity is probably tapped. And if you've waited to use the equity after the real estate bubble burst, you may be saying "What equity?"

Even if there is equity, will you be able to get a bank loan--now? It's just not the easiest option by far.

The easiest money to access is cash from your investment accounts.

If you have $200,000 worth of stocks and bonds, your investment company will likely loan you $100,000 at amazing rates.

Of course a new wealth builder won't have an account like this. And frankly, most of the active real estate investors and entrepreneurs invest in their own projects not other people's companies and opportunities.

Consequently, you probably don't have an investment account with this kind of money.

So what about grants?

I mean...

It's free money, right?

Well, sure. And it's great if you can get it.

But only 1% of the deals that got funded did so from grants.

That means you would lose out big on 99-of your great deals for lack of money on average to have one deal funded by a grant.

And even when you get rejection after rejection, you still had to spend your time filling out complex grant forms and writing lengthy grant proposal requests.

When you have to work that hard for that little, it's hard to really call it "Free Money" anymore.

Speaking of rejection, creative finance, especially when it's done wrong, is littered with rejection and failure.

Most people think creative finance is getting the current owner of the opportunity to fund your purchase.

However, the truth, and you'll learn this in greater detail in some of the FREE training you get as a member of the Wealth Giveaway club, creative investing done right often means the seller gets the cash they want.

It really means, you use other people's money to give the seller the cash.

This leads to hitting up your friends and family to accomplish creative finance.

You may not have this option.

In fact, you may find your family and current friends are as much in need of cash as you.

Yet, if this is available to you, do it.

If not, make some new friends--like me!

And the other leaders of the Wealth Giveaway club.

Once we become friends...

"I'm other people!"
"Use My Money"

It really is that simply to get what you want and take full advantage of the wealth building opportunities in your life.

However, in all fairness, there are a couple catches.

And here's the big one.

I want to keep being able to let you use my money (and others just like you).

As such, I have to make sure when I let you use my money it's safe and protected. In addition, to keep doing this, we all have to make money.

The only way I know to be sure this happens is to insist I deal with well trained, skilled, and connected people.

So, that's why I'm giving you the training, skills building tools, and connections--FREE.

Because the real estate experts that know and like me are adding new items constantly, I will only show you here a few of the items you'll be getting--FREE.

The Ultimate FREE Wealth Giveaway - Value $1,413.00
6 months of free access to my exclusive, invitation only, Real Estate Wholesale VIP Club
Free access to 6 months of my inner-circle tele-coaching calls
Free subscription to the "7 Fatal Flaws" e-zine.
Complete Real Estate Investing Course by Mark Evans DM

Become A Millionaire (In Five Years Or Less)
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The Seven Strategies of Successful Options Traders
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That's especially true for the way A.J.' Brown (president and founder of Trading Trainer) has setup his trading practice. He spends 20 minutes every evening preparing for the next trading day, and then sets up his entry and exit strategies to automatically execute while he lives the dream lifestyle. At the end of every trading day, he simply logs in and sees how profitable he was that day. And, with options he make money whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. Yes, he's making money even in today's market.

Wholesaling No B.S. Recording
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Cash Now Wholesaling Bundle - $395 value
Get immediate access to a bonus audio and transcript that explains how to quiclky get 5-10 properties that you can market to 20,000 buyers for less than $100. Includes a private 1-1 session where we can discuss how to get started immediately!


A Beginner’s Guide To Creative Real Estate Investing

How To Control Unlimited Pre-Foreclosure Properties Without Your Own Cash or Credit, or On A Shoestring Budget, In Today’s Turbulent Market.

by Charles Dudley

Value $97



Bear in mind this is an atom-sized sample of the $6,847.00 in atomic powered wealth training you get FREE.

There's still one more catch...

You may remember reading above there are a couple catches when you use me as a private money partner to fund your deals.

And the first one was, you have to be trained, skilled, and connected.

However, that's not all.

What's the other catch?

You must be a person who is decisive in nature.

Because decisive people get the deals.

And running the Wealth Giveaway Club is new to me; I don't know if the club will generate 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000-great investor partners. And, if it generated 10,000 people like you that I want to help make it big...it can get more tricky funding each and every one of your opportunities along with the other 9,999 ideal investors who join the club.

So, I'm going to open the doors to the club for just a few days.

After that, there's no telling if the doors will open again.

And if they do, there may be a membership fee or even monthly club dues.

All I know is, the only for sure opportunity to access this training and my money is to join now while the life-time membership is FREE.

If you're "on the fence", let me help you.

This is probably not right for you, so you may want to just click the X to close this window at the top of the browser.

If you don't know already that you want to access $x,xxx.00 in FREE real estate investing, wealth creation, and entrepreneurial success materials from the world's world's best experts and trainers...as well as...access the source of funds to turn those dreams into a reality,...

...you may need more time before joining the Wealth Giveaway Club to get your affairs in order. I hope it's open when you're ready.

Even so, if you're ready...click the link that says,

Become a Member

Yes Kathy, I'm ready to become a lifetime member of Wealth Giveaway Club for FREE.

click here to become a member IMAGE 2 Green house with hand icon

I look forward to giving you my money.


Kathy Strahan

P.S. Congratulations on your positive decision to "Not participate in the recession" and rather be a part of the Wealth Giveaway. Remember, your FREE, lifetime membership gives you access to $6,847.00 in wealth creation training and access to my money to fund your deals.

P.P.S. Please enroll right now, because this membership is scheduled to be closed this Friday at midnight, August 22nd. After midnight this Friday, if you miss out, you may be out of luck. And even if the doors open in the future, think of all the deals you didn't get funded because you failed to join now..

So become a member right now while the webpage is still opened so you can use my money on your next deal.



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